WASTEFREE Recycling specialises in the following commercial services

  • Recyclables from offices, schools, business parks, and shopping centres
  • We service Small and large businesses, Government and Private sector and other waste service providers
  • Paper waste from printers/converters
  • Baled paper waste from other recyclers
  • One off or ongoing palletised collections
  • Mobile bin collections – 240lt/660lt/1000lt and upto 3 cubic metres
  • Bulk Bins for major clean ups upto 32 cubic metres
  • Recycling services for events and venues
  • Balers & Compactor systems
  • Education and Information sessions to assist your staff


WASTEFREE Recycling specialises in the following commercial services – And our services are backed up by a well maintained fleet of vehicles designed to support our recycling facility by collecting waste and recyclables from our large variety of clients.

Waste Management

Let us design a Waste Management Plan that focuses on waste reduction using clearly labelled colour coded bins for best results.


WASTEFREE is the only purpose built C & I Materials Recycling Facility in Sydney. We Recycle all Cardboard, Paper, Glass, Plastics and Metals. If you have a product you’d like to Recycle but you’re not sure how and where to take it, please click here to contact our office

Waste Audit

We can perform a Waste Audit at your premises or have your waste returned to our facility where we can audit and evaluate your needs and report back on a best waste management plan for your business

Collection services

WASTEFREE operate a well maintained fleet of vehicles to service and collect all your Recycling and Waste services. We can service any size bin from a 120 Litre Wheelie bin upto a 30m bulk bin and or Compactor. We operate day and night and are positioned to meet your service requirements. The majority of what we collect will be returned to our Materials Recycling Facility ensuring less waste to Landfill

Security Destruction

We can assist you with Secure Document Destruction with a regular service or a seasonal clean up. We are also equipped and experienced in Secure Product destruction, we currently assist clients with the destruction and certification for old unwanted or out of date stock. For more information click here to contact our office


Our reporting is a great tool for rewarding achievements and reviewing your services and making improvements

Post collection services

WASTEFREE is a licensed facility in Metropolitan Sydney with the ability to conduct a post collection segregation of Commercial Office Waste in garbage bags. The Material Recycling facility is an automated recycling plant designed to recover recyclable materials resulting in cost savings and reducing the corporate Environmental footprint

Equipment (Compactors, Bulk Bins, MGB)

With over 25 years of Tailoring and Manufacturing equipment for the Waste and Recycling Industry we can help your organisation design, develop and build any equipment to meet your requirements. WASTEFREE can also supply Mobile Garbage Bins of any size and colour.

Yesterday’s waste, recycled today for a better tomorrow! Enquire now about our range of services and rentals dedicated to your business special needs.