Our aim is to support your Business By Providing you with the tools you need today whilst ensuring the future of the environment for generations to come.
  • Waste-Free will provide your business with evironmental solutions to your waste management problems.
  • An on site education program that will educate and assist all employees about the benefits of recycling.
  • Help you create a sustainable work environment where all staff are involved.
  • Provide you with waste management tools.
  • Reduce business costs related to waste management and provide long term cost savings through resource recovery.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.
  • Increase your NABERS star ratings.
  • By choosing to implement a sustainability programs for your business, you will set the bench mark for other businesses to follow in time.

The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) has released a new NABERS Waste rating for office buildings.

The NABERS system compares the amount of garbage and recycled material in a building diverted from landfill against a set of benchmarks.

The less waste that is going to landfill the higher your star rating.

Waste-Free can tailor a waste management plan to suit your business needs that will help improve your waste performance and achieve a better NABERS star rating.

Clients who have implemented Waste-Free waste management plans have been able to reduce the volume of waste they have sent to landfill.

To assist with achieving your waste management and sustainability goals Waste-Free offers the following services :

  • Waste Audits
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Recycling Programs
  • Reporting on monthly waste streams and usage

Yesterday’s waste, recycled today for a better tomorrow! Enquire now for more information about our waste management and recycling programs.